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Internet Speed Test

How to use Ookla’s HTML5-based Speedtest?

Using Ookla’s Speedtest service to test your internet speed is very simple. You just have to visit the Speedtest.net website and click on the BEGIN TEST button. Give it a try here: Speedtest Beta

If you wish to use Ookla’s older internet speed test tool, you have to visit Speedtest.net.

After performing the internet speed test, you will see three things — ping, download speed and upload speed. Here are their meanings:

Internet Speed Test
Internet Speed Test
  • Ping – it’s the reaction time of internet connection i.e. how fast you get a response after you’ve sent a request.
  • Download speed – tells how fast you can get from the server to you PC
  • Upload speed – tells how fast you send data from you to others

Check Internet Speed Here

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