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Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian singer and songwriter. After a talent manager discovered him through his YouTube videos covering songs in 2008 and signed to RBMG, Bieber released his debut EP, My World, in late 2009

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01 - Baby (feat Ludacris).mp3                      24-Apr-2015 18:24      3M
02 - Somebody To Love.mp3                          24-Apr-2015 18:24      4M
03 - Stuck In The Moment.mp3                       24-Apr-2015 18:24      4M
04 - U Smile.mp3                                   24-Apr-2015 18:24      3M
05 - Runaway Love.mp3                              24-Apr-2015 18:24      3M
06 - Never Let You Go.mp3                          24-Apr-2015 18:24      4M
07 - Overboard (feat Jessica Jarrell).mp3          24-Apr-2015 18:24      4M
08 - Eenie Meenie (feat Sean Kingston).mp3         24-Apr-2015 18:24      3M
09 - Up.mp3                                        24-Apr-2015 18:24      4M
10 - That Should Be Me.mp3                         24-Apr-2015 18:24      4M
07 – No Pressure (Feat. Big Sean).mp32017-02-24 10:3911M
[SND]08 – No Sense (Feat. Travis Scott).mp32017-02-24 10:3911M
[SND]09 – The Feeling.mp32017-02-24 10:399.6M
[SND]11 – Where Are U Now (Feat. Skrillex & Diplo).mp32017-02-24 10:399.5M
[SND]15 – Get Used To Me.mp32017-02-24 10:399.4M
[SND]10 – Life Is Worth Living.mp32017-02-24 10:399.2M
[SND]05 – Love Yourself.mp32017-02-24 10:399.2M
[SND]18 – All In It.mp32017-02-24 10:399.1M
[SND]19 – Hit the Ground.mp32017-02-24 10:399.0M
[SND]12 – Children (Feat. Skrillex).mp32017-02-24 10:398.8M
[SND]13 – Purpose.mp32017-02-24 10:398.3M
[SND]06 – Company.mp32017-02-24 10:398.2M
[SND]03 – What Do You Mean.mp32017-02-24 10:398.1M
[SND]22 – What Do You Mean (feat. Ariana Grande) (Remix).mp32017-02-24 10:398.1M
[SND]21 – Home to Mama (feat. Cody Simpson).mp32017-02-24 10:398.1M
[SND]17 – Trust.mp32017-02-24 10:398.0M
[SND]16 – We Are (Feat. Nas).mp32017-02-24 10:398.0M
[SND]04 – Sorry.mp32017-02-24 10:397.9M
[SND]20 – The Most.mp32017-02-24 10:397.9M
[SND]02 – I’ll Show You.mp32017-02-24 10:397.9M
[SND]14 – Been You.mp32017-02-24 10:397.9M
[SND]01 – Mark My Words.mp32017-02-24 10:395.4M

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