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How To Get More Twitter Follower in Just 10 Min

Twitter Follower

  • Mentioned Your Location

Connect with your local businesses (as long as they aren’t competitors!), news sources, and city accounts. Most of them will be happy to follow back and then share a little love for their neighbors by retweeting and sharing your content with their followers. This should drive more Twitter followers back to you!

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  • Mentioned Brand Name in Your Tweets

Write a blog post about another brand that isn’t in direct competition with you, but has a similar customer base. More likely than not, they’ll appreciate the kind words and retweet it to their followers. And if those followers think you’re interesting, they’ll follow you, too.

  • Buffer to schedule relevant articles

Extend the life of your own blog posts and content by posting multiple times in one day, and then a couple times over the following week. Never be afraid to schedule an older post! Also, be one kick-ass content curator. Find other awesome people or brands in your niche and share really great articles. You’ll now be a source of excellent information that lots of people will want to follow. Overall, this is an awesome way to get more Twitter followers easily.

  • Mentioned Authors in Tweets

Give love to the “little guy.” In addition to being a kick-ass content curator, take the extra step to find the Twitter handle of the author/designer of whatever content you want to share. That small effort will pay off in Twitter followers by the spades.

Power Tip: Tailored Trends

How To Get More Twitter Follower in Just 10 Min
How To Get More Twitter Follower in Just 10 Min

To make tweet trends even more refined, be sure to tailor them to your exact needs.

Twitter provides an easy way to shape the trends that you hear about, thus allowing you to focus on issues that are within your niche.

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How To Do It

Right beside the “Trends” box in the left side, you’ll see the word “change.” Click this, and you’ll be guided through the process of tailoring your tweets according to your location and follow list.


One of the best things about inbound marketing is the tools that help you automate different processes. These tools also help you appear really active.

They will send out a consistent stream of updates through-out the day, night and weekend, giving the appearance that you’re always “staying engaged”. Here are two of my favorites.

Import the Tweet Old Post WordPress plugin to automatically send out posts from your archives. You can set up the time frequency, add hashtags, or even a brief message before or after each update. You can also specify a date range, so people will only get posts from the past 3 months, or posts from a year ago.

Another useful tool is Twitterfeed, which will send out Tweets automatically from RSS feeds you enter. So you can load your own fee, or your favorite blogs, and it will take care of the work for you.

How To Get More Twitter Followers The Real Way (2017)

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