Google Now Launcher v 1.3.large APK Free For Andriod

Description Google Now Launcher V 1.3 Large

Google Now Launcher is an interesting application and very few people have known about its features and uses. This is Google service for their users to do cool stuff.GetAPK Market v1 APK Free Download for Android

Google Now Launcher V 1.3 Large
Google Now Launcher V 1.3 Large

If you are bored of seeing your same home screen again and again or do not like your background themes or searching for a method that will allow you to paint your home screen with your favorite color or design or searching for a method that will collect all your desired then in one table. Google Now Launcher is here for you. You will do all these above-mentioned stuff with your smartphones, and also what I am going to describe in upcoming lines.

Google Now Launcher enables you to use the always impressive Google Search option from any of the home-screen with a single tap both in voice and type formats. ACMarket v3.1.9 APK Free Download for Android

Features of Google Now Launcher

Google option provides you the option to simply use your own voice to command and control the Android device: tell your device to set an alarm, play a music file, get directions or send a text message among countless other things.

Google Theme

Customize the device home-screen icons on your device when using Google Now Launcher by dragging apps from the app drawer. Create app folders by dropping one app on top of another one. With a prolonged press on a blank area of device home-screen to add widgets or change Google Now setting. Drag and flick an app shortcut to remove from home-screen. Change the wallpaper by choosing an y image you like from your device or internet.Poweramp Music Player v2 APK Free Download for Android

In addition to changing the home-screen wallpapers automatically based on local landmarks and famous entities, making your visit memorable.

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