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iNoty v1.5.0.2 

This is a status bar replacement which provides translucent status bar and additional notification counts when used with iLauncher.

Application features:


Now if you have this app then using Inoty v1 becomes even perfect since it is optimized to use for the best performance with I launcher and having both at the time works perfectly for the users otherwise, you will not be able to use many features of the Inoty.

To get this app, download Inoty APK right now from our website and install it on your android smartphone to begin all the fun with the new iPhone interface on your android. Having done with the complete description of the app and also telling you how you can this app, let us now move on to discuss the different features of the app.

  • Notification bar like Phone 6S and Phone 7 ( OS 9 and OS 10 ).
  • The new layout of notification style of Phone6S.
  • A lot of function like iNoty on Phone 7.
  • Customize notify information on the notification bar.
  • High quality and very fast to show noti.
  • Show daytime with the format of Phone 6S.
  • Show weather info, stock, and other information.

Download iNoty v2

Are you a big fan of Apple iPhone and love its interface but you can’t get since you either can’t afford it or because android is more suitable for you? If yes, then today I have come up with something that is really going to cheer you up and make your day.

Now you can enjoy the beautiful interface of iPhone 9.3 which is one of the latest operating system versions from the Apple and it is very beautiful which you can also get right now by downloading it in the form of Inoty APK. One thing which is very important to mention here is that if you have I Launcher which is a launcher for android smartphones and it works to give you a complete Apple interface on your android device.

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